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Canada Could Support 3 More NHL Teams: Study

Guest Podein25

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Interesting article, Windsor has actually talked about getting a CFL team for quite a while, sure it will happen if we ever get around to building a stadium. Even though we have under 200,000 people, I have no doubt we could support an NHL team. 10% of this city would go to an NHL game a few times a week, I'm sure of it.

Of course, it would never happen, thousands of Windsorites attend every Red Wings game, they know the goldmine they have over here, and would NEVER relinquish their hold on the territorial rights. Kind of like the Hamilton/Leaf situation. Not a lot to do in Windsor, and like many Canadian cities, it's hockey CRAZY. I, like thousands of Windsorites would buy season tickets no matter what the cost was. I could see London getting a team, they have a realistic shot, and are out of Leaf and Wing territoiral rights (I think, not sure on that one). If London got and NHL team, the Knights would probably fold eventually....just like the Spits and WIndsor would part ways....can't see either city supporting both leagues.

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