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Chris Nichols

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The St. Paul Pioneer Press recalls the last time the NHL went through a lockout, Zach Parise had just left the University of North Dakota to begin his professional career with the New Jersey Devils. Parise spent the entire 2004-05 season in the minors, playing in the American Hockey League with the rest of the sport's top prospects who had no chance to reach the NHL after the lockout wiped out the season.

Now, as the game gears up for another possible work stoppage, Parise could once again wind up biding his time before he starts a new phase of his career. The 13-year, $98 million deals he and Ryan Suter signed with the Wild on July 4 were the biggest story of the NHL offseason -- and those contracts have become a point of contention for owners who want drastic cuts in contract lengths as part of a new collective bargaining agreement.

As much as any player, Parise wants the season to start on time. But like most of his contemporaries, the forward is prepared to dig in until a deal gets done.

"I think the '04-'05 season is still pretty fresh in everyone's minds, and now we find ourselves in the same position," Parise said after a workout in St. Louis Park on Tuesday. "It's not good for the game. It's not good for anyone. We're ready to play. We want to play. But (NHL commissioner) Gary (Bettman)'s pretty adamant about his third lockout of his tenure."

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Pretty strong statements. We've heard it from multiple sources (players, agents, etc.) now. I'm afraid it's not looking too good.

i know not good. plus i'm hearing owners only want a 5 year CBA. REALLY this again in 5 years
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