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Montreal-Flyers: Two to One Penalties

Guest Vanflyer

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I am normally pretty mellow about the reffing. However, tonight was just atrocious. When nearly HALF the game is spent on special teams, there is something wrong. Of particular note is the missed call against Jagr and subsequent call on Coots. The Flyers were whistled for almost 20 minutes of penalties and the Habitants 10. What is wrong with this picture?

I am going to try and take off my O&B glasses and say that at least 1 of the Habs penalties were utter BS and 2 for the Flyers. We all complained about obstruction before, so I have to be careful here. But when many of these penalties were of the "obstruction" variety, most were ticky tacky.

@brelic- I have not watched the replay what I thought was a blatant infraction against Jagr yet. However, if Lavy is that hot under the collar, it is pretty evident that was a blown obvious call with BOTH refs looking at the play.

I truly want to go back to the single ref. The two ref system is not working in my eyes. For the most part because of three reasons:

1) Different philosophies

2) Inconsistencies in responsibility of who watches what and who calls what

3) Egos

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I agree with you but if the Flyers clean up their stick infractions then they can't complain. Why whack someone when they're not in a scoring area or far from the play, I'm just sick of the refs calls as much as these stupid infractions. If they clean their play up more and give the ref no chance to make a 50/50 call then we would have less special teams play. Until then expect the same results. Yes there was a blown call on Jagr and that almost cost us the game as Montreal scored on the ensuing play.

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Rinaldo gets slashed in the face drawing blood and somehow the Canadiens got a power play out of it? I was in a bar so didn't get the sound and have no clue about what the deal was. My friend the Caps' fan was amazed at how lopsided the officiating was. Jagr gets hauled down and Couturier goes to the box because a Hab dropped his stick. How about an embellishment call right there?

It's nice to see that the Flyers can win even when it's 7 on 5.

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