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Trap:1-3-1 Behind their own red line ?

Guest The Quigster

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Would a simple fix for stationary 1-3-1 teams be they must stay behind their own red line until the puck crosses? This would only be in effect after play stoppages and at the beginning of the period when the puck carrying team is coming out of their own end. Any other ideas?

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Stay behind the red line until the puck crosses what line? The red line? Blue line?

That starts looking similar to basketball then.

2 options in my mind -

1) Move icing from the red line to the blue line. When coming out of their own zone, they only have to gain their own blue line. That removes the 1 forward from the trap basically.

2) Coaches need to figure out how to beat it.

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I think someone needs a uniquely clever counter punch. Maybe:

- the hockey version of a hook and lateral in the neutral zone (adapted as a speed rush, drop the puck, second guy skating fast picks up the puck and blows past everyone

- two skaters down one wall with the puck, and one skater on the opposite wall going full burn, and a long dump/pass to the opposite corner once the red line is gained

- biggest guy on the ice gains speed in the D zone going towards a trap standing still, pass to the target's feet, demolish

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