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Ken Dryden Article on Head Injuries-READ THIS

Guest DaGreatGazoo

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I, like everyone else, don't know how to fix the head injury problem.

But, I do know of two things that could be done today that would lessen the chances of concussions.

1: Disallow all hard plating on pads.

2: Enforce the use of mouthguards.

I'm not saying that those two actions would solve much, but they are things that could be done that would help.

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Dryden is a wuss. I'm sorry, but I've read The Game, and he spends half of it trashing Clarke and the Flyers for being a bunch of cavemen, while he, the erudite scholar, pontificates on the game of hockey, as if he was the only one to ever play it.

Well, I'm sorry Ken, but the game belongs to all players, even those who came from mining towns and working class families. They weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but that doesn't mean they don't care about the game as much as you.

He's filth.


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