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More CBA Poaching From Eklund


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I think this guy is poaching a signifacant amount of stories and conversations from us. Not that it actually bothers me. What's that old saying, "imitation is the best form of flattery"? or something like that...

This is from the last section of his Saturday morning blog...

"Surprise Us. Don't the NHL fans deserve it? After missing a season they helped turn this sport from a $2B business to almost a $4B business in 7 years. Yes, you know that most of us will come back no matter what you do. Not coming back would only be hurting ourselves, but please don't take that for granted. Don't take us for granted. We will come back...but not everyone will.

A few years I flew down to Nashville and spent an entire day on the radio and answering phones for a season ticket holder drive which saw many fringe fans jump into the NHL full force. Some of those people...they won't be back. And other teams who are new to the culture will suffer the greatest...and a few teams will fold. Those I talk to assure me a year away from the NHL will kill off a few teams. Maybe not immediately, but within 5 years after the new CBA teams will be gone."

I bolded the last sentence since this was my theory this week along with having heard it several other places on here. In all the "other" blogs and hockey news I read I don't recall reading this any where else.

I'm sure it's not really a big leap to figure some teams will be in deep doodoo if they lose a whole season but it would be nice if he'd atleast plug us or link to us or something since I'm convinced we give him allot of material...

Ok, over and out...

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