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Milbury charged with assault on a youth hockey player!

Guest Samifan

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Former Boston Bruins player and coach Mike Milbury has been charged with assault and battery on a child after an incident at a pee-wee hockey game.

Milbury, who is currently an NHL analyst for Versus' "NHL Live," as well as the CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada," also was charged with threats to commit a crime and disorderly conduct after allegedly verbally and physically assaulting a 12-year-old boy during a Dec. 9 game at the rink at Larz Andersen Park in Brookline, Mass.

One of Milbury's employers, NBC Sports, said Friday that he had been taken off the air.

"In our discussions with Mike, we both came to the conclusion that he should remain off the air while focusing on his affairs," said spokesman Chris McCloskey in a statement.


dude what a pos. glad he is being taken off the air can't stand him

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None of u even know what really happened stfu

Nice first post...and for the record, there is an eyewitness report.

The alleged assault occurred Dec. 9 at the Jack Kirrane Ice Skating Rink, where Milbury was acting as an assistant coach for the Boch Blazers, police said. His son plays for the team.

Milbury's son got into a tussle during a game and afterward the former Boston Bruin allegedly went on to the ice and "verbally berated and grabbed and shook" the alleged victim, the Boston Herald reported.

According to one eyewitness, Milbury -- who famously derided the "pansification" of hockey during a Hockey Night in Canada telecast in 2009 -- allegedly lifted the boy and shook him, yelling obscenities, before dropping him to the ice.

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Stuff hsppens like this all the time at youth hockey games im not condoning what milbury did

but according to people i talked to and im obviosly from boston the opposing kid tried to make a viscous crosscheck that

could have really hurt milburys son.. i would have also been in the ice all be it in a different manner dbag

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Hey, you don't have to agree with anyone on here. Telling people to STFU, especially on your first post, is just wrong. That's all.

And for the record, Milbury doesn't exactly have a sparkling record at anything, and may be THE WORST gm hockey has ever seen. I don't get why you'd stick up for him..

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Was this what Blocker posted about?

Hey Oz....

That's the incident I was talking about. I dunno what the exact provocations were for Milbury's actions. But, I've been involved with youth hockey for forty plus years, and I've never seen (or expect to see) an "adult" grab a child. The police are now involved. I hate this kind of story, but it happened and light should be shown upon it.

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Dude called him a dbag thats a lot better canuck? i. think he set

The tone..

The incident was witnessed by one of our most respected memebers. If blocker said it happened (which, by the way was before this went public) that's good enough for me. And if it did in fact happen, then ya, Milbury is a douche. I get he used to be a Bruin. We've had a few members of the Flyers organization that were douchebags as well. Just cause they played here doesn't take away from what they are. Heck, I thought Milbury was a douchebag before this incident. I mean his defining moment in hockey is beating a fan with his own shoe, or building Stanley Cup contenders elsewhere. You guys may not have Chara if Milbury wasn't handing out players left right and center as gm.

I honestly think this flyers fan is just really upset that the bruins swept their sorry asses

out of the playoffs last season and won by a TOUCHDOWN today lol.. good money to ilya lol lookin fantastic philly sux

OK, so is this the reason you came here? You want to talk hockey (which you're yet to do) welcome. If you're here to gloat over something you had ZERO part of, sorry it got to this for you. I can tell you you won't last long here with the attitude you're showing. We can use some fans of other teams who aren't arseholes. Your move.

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"The incident was witnessed by one of our most respected memebers. If blocker said it happened (which, by the way was before this went public) that's good enough for me."

Thanks for the kind words.

But, to set the record straight, I wasn't there. I repeated the account from someone who did see it.

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Milbury's account is given in today's Boston Globe:


I actually find his explanation fairly believable, but he was still wrong to grab a kid and curse at him.

“I want to be clear about a couple of things,’’ said Milbury. “No one was punched, kicked, or assaulted in any way. I know the ‘Mad Mike’ image that I have and all that. I love the game, I’m passionate about it, but I don’t smack kids around. I grabbed the other kid by the sweater to stop a fight and, yeah, I swore at him. That’s it. That’s what I did.

“And . . . this was also after watching my kid get verbally bullied by the other player for over two hours. It was the third time that night that Jake and the kid got into it, and that was the last straw for Jake. I mean, what kid can take that?’’


Once the pizza party wrapped up in a room adjacent to the rink, all the players, including Jake Milbury and the player who allegedly taunted him, returned to the ice for what was intended to be a fun, spirited shootout to end the evening. Unlike the game, there was no referee on the ice for the shootout.

When the fight erupted, said Milbury, he was in street shoes and making his way to one of the goals, where he was about to preside as a goal judge during the shootout. As the boys began flailing, he raced over to restrain the Blackhawks player and Hauswirth held off the younger Milbury.

Needham resident Peter Weiner, whose son Cole is a goalie on Jake’s team, the Boch Blazers, in a phone interview yesterday afternoon confirmed Milbury’s account. Weiner said he was there throughout the night, witnessed Jake “being needled pretty much all game,’’ and lauded Milbury for helping to restrain the skirmishing players.

“All he did was stop the kids,’’ said Weiner. “And on top of it, he booted his own kid off the ice.’’

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Very interesting. I did not know that it was during a non-referee'd event (post game and after a pizza party) and that Mike was on the ice already.

I am kind of torn on what should have happened. On one hand, I am kind of for the kids handling on ice matters themselves (in a fair way- no samurai hockey sticks and stuff, but drop the gloves and scrum for a minute or two and be done with it). Even when I was playing organized hockey as a kid, I would still play shinny out on lakes and at some point there were always some flair ups. When the flair ups occurred you could either pu$$y out or fight. The other kids would make sure it was mano-o-mano. When one kid was obviously beaten, the kids would come pull the winner away.

It was kind of a badge of courage thing. Even if you lost, the kids still gave you props for fighting (as long as you did not go run home crying to mommy). Generally, allot of the kids you play with and against are kids you know (school, etc.). Once you earn your stripes, kids will generally leave you alone.

So, on one hand part of me thinks that Milbury should of gotten to the boys and said lets settle this and let them go to center ice and duke it out. Of course, being and adult, he has to be responsible because should anything happen to either kid he is accountable.

That is why the shinny games were so good. It was just the kids- no adults and we handled things ourselves.

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OK, so it sounds like he may not have been quite the jerk we thought he was. At least for now.

I'd like to apologize to Mike Milbury for calling him a douchebag when he might not have been. But instead, I'll just leave it there for all the times he was and I didn't call him that.

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