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What will it be like for Bryz to face the Coyotes?

Guest Digityman

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From Tim P:

A lot of people are wondering what it’s like for Ilya Bryzgalov to face his former club, the Phoenix Coyotes, on Thursday.

Danny Briere is an ex-Coyote who keeps regular tabs on these guys via the Internet and television.

The Coyotes are the fourth seed in the Western Conference with 21 points and are 7-1-2 in their last 10 games.

“I watched them play a little bit,” Briere said. “They’re a tough team to play. They don’t give you much. You have to work for everything. Especially on the road, they’re gonna keep it simple. They’re gonna play hard.

“It’s gonna be a tough test for us. Like you said, we don’t know them very much. We don’t see these guys very often, but they’re a hard working group and I expect a tough battle tomorrow.”

So what do you think it will be like for Bryzgalov?

“It’s always special when you play your ex-teammates,” Briere said. “Emotion is a little higher. He can’t do anything in the sense of scoring goals or hitting anybody or fighting. I’m sure he’s gonna be ready and he’s looking forward to the game tomorrow.”

Briere only has one friend left from his playing days in the desert.

“Shane Doan, and he was there even before I got there,” Briere said. “He’s not going anywhere soon. Besides that, you don’t see these guys very often. Just the way they play. Dave Tippett has a very stingy defense and tough to get through.”


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