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Confusing Daly Interview


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After reading this interview by Daly several times the reasoning for the lockout doesn't make much sense.


How does your proposal help smaller markets?

“We instituted as part of our last collective bargaining agreement a pretty comprehensive revenue sharing program. That program will produce about $150 million in revenue sharing this past season.

“Our proposal that’s on the table now would increase that pool fairly significantly up in the neighborhood of $190 million, and depending on how the negotiation ultimately plays out, probably more than that.”

What a way to spin this.....he makes it sound as if there will be more money available which will then increase the cap hit.

The NHLPA also has pushed itself as having the best interests of smaller-market teams at heart. It has proposed revenue sharing of $260 million — with $120 million designated for “troubled franchises” to be doled out at the commissioner’s discretion.

hmmm....when it is only the numbers presented the NHLPA is actually providing more money to the troubled franchises....but oh ....wait.....at the expense of the wealthy teams.

How does a higher percentage of hockey-related revenue for the league help the Predators?

“By definition the smaller percentage will lower the cap, which by definition will lower the floor. We’ve also talked about the concept of changing the structure creating the payroll range.

“The payroll range is currently constructed with a midpoint, and then building kind of room off the midpoint in equal directions to have a top end and a bottom end.

“We’re suggesting using less room on the top end and more room on the bottom end as a way of constructing the range that’s more friendly to small markets, but also creates a dynamic where there will be less player escrow, so there will be less dollars at risk for the players.”

So is Daly suggesting that only a specific number of players per team can make a salary greater than the midpoint?

Does your proposal address the signing bonuses and long-term contracts that hamper smaller markets?

“Well certainly both those elements are elements we’ve put across the table to the Players’ Association. I can’t say we have resolution on any of those issues, but they certainly know how we feel about some of the extreme front-loaded long-term contracts.”

Funny how the NHL is against these deals but choose not to slap the hands of the owner's who pay their GM's to make them.

Does this lockout hamper smaller, non-traditional markets more than an established, older market?

“I’m not sure I would buy that. I think it’s important for all markets, I think it’s important for the league, I think it’s important for the Players’ Association, I think it’s really important for the players.”

“I think the really unfortunate part of where we are, is not only the fact that we’ve done significant damage to this season’s revenues, but the bottom line is, by missing games, by missing training camp, by being in a labor dispute and a work stoppage, we’re certainly risking and threatening a slowdown to some of the momentum that we’ve had or been able to generate — some of the popularity we’ve been able to build throughout the league, including in some of the non-traditional markets.

“And I think the longer-term impact of that dynamic is as scary as anything else to us, and something we jointly should have an interest in trying to minimize at this point.”

Ah remember Mr. Daly it was the owners decision to lockout the players. The NHLPA was willing to continue to play during the negotiations.

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Who does Daly think he's fooling with that gibberish? I wish every media option available would challenge Daly and the NHL on his quotes.

Well, remember, the players are DEMANDING that the owners offer them 14-year, $110M contracts with $26M signing bonuses.


Like any Restricted Free Agent can, from any owner who's a "staunch supporter" of the lockout, and get it.

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