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Harry Z And Ben Holmstrom Called Up

Guest Digityman

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I am confused to the extent of their injuries. I am pretty sure I saw Read play up the the last minute of the Cains game. The thing that strike me more is that they waited till Tuesday evening to announce his injury.

I am not trying to make more out of it than I have to, but it just seems odd that they are both out especially since Briere's injury was not supposed to be longer then a game.

Do you have any further insight into their injuries?

The NHL is way too quiet on injuries to players....

On a side note (nothing but pure speculation on my end), would you move Briere and Read for a solid #1 or #2 Defensemen?

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Cool, thank you for the update HF. I was searching the net for a look as to what is going on with Danny B.

I actually like on this team too, a few years ago I couldn't stand him in the O&B, but after a few playoff runs he has grown on me.

Read alone will not get us much in my opinion. At least not a #1 or #2 D-man.

In any case, it is good to finally have the depth in the farm system to have call ups that can contribute.

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Comcast stated this morning that Briere might play tomorrow. He is just dtd.

But I agree he does like playing against Buffalo,

I think he got whacked with a puck in his last game, and that's what the issue is/are. I remember at one point, he was doubled over after taking a shot/pass in the shoulder/back.

Edit**holy mary mother of allah...SHOT went thru. GD..a site that works properly!!!!!

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Read tried a big hit on someone last game and ended up bouncing off him. Perhaps that is when he was injured?

hmmm, maybe that was it. As it stand I can't think of any other moment he could've gotten injured, unless it was during practice. If it happened during practice though I'm sure they would've specified.

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