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Welcome to the MVRP Polls & Team Histories


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Welcome aboard to hockeyforums.net's new Most Valuable Retired Player polls and team histories. Today I will be starting things off with the Boston Bruins post 1967 expansion players and history. Following every 3-4 days another member will be presenting another team and a selection of retired players from that team (tentative schedule in its own post). You, as the reader will have the option to take the poll and choose your 5 favorite players from that team. Those players, as a group, will be part of a future MVRP head to head challenge. So choose the 5 players you would like to see represent each team in this challenge.

Each blog by different members will feature different things, such as pictures, videos, historic uniforms and player photo's. However, the general premiss will remain the same: There will be a brief team history, player bio's and a poll where you choose your 5 selections.

Each team will be featured at some point, from the Montreal Wanderers in 1919 to the current teams. Some teams have had a bond that can't be broken, such as the Cleveland Barons and Minnesota North Stars and will be treated as a single entity. I hope you all, whether a guest or a long time member, enjoy our polls and players write ups and team histories. To the guests among you, please sign up, take our polls and add to the conversation. It's free! I'm sure there will be many debates along the way as to who deserves to be chosen from each team.

Thanks & Enjoy!

Idaho and the team from hockeyforums.net-

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