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Here is the schedule of upcoming blogs and polls. Updates will be made as needed. Anyone interested in joining in please PM myself or HF101.

Idahophilly - Boston Bruins - Posted/Poll

- Blackhawks - Looking for a Volunteer

Wingnut - Detroit Red Wings - Posted/Poll

Canadian Game - Toronto Maple Leafs - Posted/Poll

VanFlyer - Rangers - Posted/Poll

Yave1964 - California Golden Seals - Posted

Habsguy - Montreal Canadians - Nov 16th

Yave1964 - Cleveland Barons - Posted/Poll

HF101 - Minnesota North Stars - Nov 25th

Flyercanuck - Pittsburg Penguins - Posted/Poll

Habsguy - Los Angeles Kings - Dec 4th

HF101 - St Louis Blues - Dec 9th

Podein - Philadelphia Flyers - Dec 13th

Pegulaville26 - Buffalo Sabres - Dec 18th

DinahMoeHumm - TBD -

Dibs list-

Dallas Stars - Jammer

Philadelphia Quakers - IdahoPhilly

We are starting with the "Original 6" teams post 1967 expansion era. We will wrap around to the original 6 pre expansion era players/histories again when we start doing the historic teams.

Following on the heels of the original 6 and the 1967 expansion teams we will continue moving foward and are taking volunteers for the following which will take us into January.

Vancouver Canucks - TBD

Yave1964 Atlanta Flames - Posted Poll

New York islanders - TBD

Kansas City Scouts/Colorado Rockies /New Jersey Devils- Yave1964

Washington Capitals - TBD

Edmonton Oilers - TBD

Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes - IdahoPhilly

Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche - Canadian Game

Winnepeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes - TBD

Also to be included during this time frame are: (in the event there isn't enough players to choose from just make it a history of the team and omit the player poll).

Montreal Wanderers - TBD

Ottawa Senators (original team) - TBD

Toronto Arenas/Toronto St Patricks - TBD

Quebec Bulldogs - TBD

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