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Another interesting article on the lockout...


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Mostly an article about Donald Fehr, but I thought this part was kind of interesting:

While baseball has had labor peace since 1996, Fehr has often spoken of a new “playbook” for other sports leagues, in which they impose salary caps and lock out players to force them to accept pay cuts. The N.F.L. and N.B.A. lockouts of 2011 reduced players’ shares of revenue in those sports to about 50 percent, and Bettman has frequently cited that as a main rationale for the current N.H.L. lockout.

Fehr said “the same people” are behind these tactics “regardless of the sport” — a reference to the Proskauer Rose law firm, which represents the N.H.L., the N.F.L., the N.B.A. and Major League Baseball in labor negotiations. Bettman worked there as a lawyer in the 1970s.

Bob Batterman, a top Proskauer Rose lawyer who works closely with the N.H.L. and the N.F.L., said in January that “the pendulum has swung too far toward the employees,”and that “employers are using lockouts because unions are reluctant to do what the employers consider reasonable.”

Fehr said: “He’s obviously right that employers are using the lockout more often. Bob has been the architect of a whole host of those.”


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