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Kyle Turris Moved for David Runblad + 2nd

Guest Vanflyer

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It has the chance to save Kyles career. I am not sure what happened in Phoenix- because I did not follow it that closely. From afar though, it seems he was not delivering at the expected pace. With his minimal production, I think it would leave a bitter taste for any team for him to demand a trade / ask for more money. That said, it also has to be hard for him to see JVR get a nice raise and him not want at least half of the cake JVR got.

I think the thing for me is 1/2 defensemen prospects do not grow on trees and everyone is projecting that in 2-3 years Runblad will be playing top pair minutes.

In the end- you could be right in that it is a win - win for both. Given the history of Turris in Phoenix and the pedigree of Runblad, I probably would not have thrown in the 2nd round pick. Kyle has no excuse now as he will be centering second line with good linemates.

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