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I think they call it "venting"


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So these fkrs can't get together - won't get together - in a room and figure out what to do with $3+ Billion dollars? Really. These professionals. These "businessmen."

Helluva business you're doing so far this year - "CLOSED INDEFINITELY"

(watching the 2010 Flyers/Bruins SC playoffs tonight - damn that was a helluva series. I miss the NHL. I miss the Flyers. That's what prompted this rant.)

So the NHL is going to ride their little PR wave after making the 50-50 offer, is that the idea? They've got the high moral ground now so No Way they give an inch ... Hey Gary, it was a great-sounding offer but 50% of what Douchebag? And the Fehr brothers...what's up their asses? They're crying in the press playing the "injured party" routine - "Oh how we tried! We had 3 offers and they didn't even want to talk about them. wahwahwah." Well maybe Don, maybe your offers were b.s. and everyone knew it. So stop the act.

You guys are supposed to be professionals, you're supposed get results. The "high moral ground" and the "aggrieved party" are not results they're poses. And I for one am fkng sick of hearing about them. Put your asses in a room and don't come out till there's an equitable deal in place - you dipshits.

There has to be a way to make everyone happy about $3 BillionFknDollars. Come on with this, enough is enough.

I'm starting to wonder if this lockout is ever going to get settled. It wouldn't surprise me now if this season is toast and both sides already know it.

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I don't think anyone really expected a full season. So imo, neither side is panicking. I had heard club box owners in Philly were told to not expect a season till late Nov. Which sets up a decision to get this done so that the league doesn't miss any NBC games, as the first one is set to broadcast on black friday. So they both have a few weeks to call out each other's bluff.

I still think something will be signed by Nov 15.

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This lockout is about not bending over for the NHL 3 contracts running. Bettman and his negotiating tactics have worn thin. There are times when you just have to make a stand on principal even when it takes money out of your own pocket. Sometimes it is about standing up to the big bully even though there is no way to win. That is where the negotiations are now. It comes down to can you live with yourself if you give in to something you know is just plain wrong. I think we are going to see that the NHLPA members understand this and that is why they are together on this. This is about wiping the smirk off of Gary Bettman's twisted little face and until that happens, there will be little negotiating going on.

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