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Hockey coach suspended 10 years for punching player



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video available only in link above

SAGUENAY, QUE. - A coach who punched a 16-year-old hockey player during a melee last week was suspended for 10 years on Friday.

A regional hockey association discipline committee handed down the punishment against Andre Harvey, former coach of the Jonquiere Pumas.

Assistant coach Vincent Gravel was suspended four games.

According to the referee's report, violence broke out with about 10 seconds left in the game between the Pumas and the Chicoutimi Cougars on Saturday.

Video shows a player from the Chicoutimi Cougars trying to jump over the Pumas' bench.

The assistant coach tried to grab the player in question, before holding onto the teen's stick.

That's when the video appears to show the head coach come over and punch the player in the head. Harvey has admitted what he did and apologized, but Hockey Quebec director Sylvain Lalonde said the punishment is warranted.

"The discipline committee's decision is appropriate and established a precedent," he said in a statement.

The discipline committee will also interview players about an alleged attack on a referee.

A Pumas player fell after a linesman allegedly pushed him. Other Pumas then allegedly tackled the official. One of them is accused of grabbing the lineman's head and slamming it into the ice.

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IMO, the coach and assistant should be banned from coaching for the rest of the year. There's simply no excuse for that. If it was the AHL or NHL, I might feel differently, but he punched a minor.

I taught high school for a few years. I'd have been fired and likely sued by the parents for punching a 16 year old kid.

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I'd have been fired and likely sued by the parents for punching a 16 year old kid.

People complain that things are not as good as they were in "the good old days".

I'm from the "good old days".

There's a baseball field not far from here named for a coach. I played in a game in which this coach ran onto the field and kicked one of his players. He kicked the kid in front of a couple thousand spectators because of a bungled slide. I'm sure the man that devolved from that kid remembers that humiliation to this day.

We're not where we should be when it comes to policing the predators who "coach" our children.

But, it's better than it used to be.

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