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Flowchart: What Sport Should Hockey Fans Follow?

Guest Irishjim

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NHL owners let yesterday’s self-imposed deadline for a new CBA come and go, refusing to even meet with Donald Fehr and the NHLPA. This comes one week after Gary Bettman apparently stormed out on the players’ counteroffer presentation. The league has begun topermanently cancel games today, possibly including marquee events like the outdoor Winter Classic and the All-Star Game.

Not surprisingly, many hockey fans are fed up with Bettman and his league of perpetual lockouts. Unlike last time, when a bevy of new rules and young superstars had fans flocking back, plenty of hockey diehards are vowing that this time they’re done. They want to take their attention and their dollars elsewhere.

But where? That’s where we come in. If you’re a soon-to-be former hockey fan looking for a new source of entertainment, use this handy flowchart to pick the perfect replacement for the NHL


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@idahophilly Now that my Tigers were embarassed beyond belief and the baseball season has ended, I've become dependant on TV for entertainment. The only real sport left is football, that's good for Monday, Thursday and Sunday, plus the NCAA on Saturday.....beyond that, it's cable series like Dexter, starting to watch the Walking Dead, and have Breaking Bad and the Wire qued up after that..not the NHL, but it's getting me by for the time being!

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