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Winter Classic Cancelled ...?

Guest canoli

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It's from Seravalli - and it hasn't been confirmed anywhere else yet (that I can find), but it appears the WC will be the next casualty of the lockout.

Winter Classic: Red Wings vs. Leafs - New Year's Day 2013, Michigan Stadium, 109,000 seats, sold-out long ago.

By far the NHL's biggest gate and highest-rated t.v. audience = toast. Not to mention the HBO "24/7" special, which obviously won't be happening this year.

This is turning into another lost season. What a stupid state of affairs.

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Being brought to you once again BY THE OWNERS!!!!! Until the LOCKOUT BY THE OWNERS ends, we have no NHL hockey. So the OWNERS CANCELLED THE WINTER CLASSIC!!!! Regardless of what or how negotiations are going at this point, we could still be watching Hockey and the Winter Classic if not for the Lockout. Just remember WHO HAS CANCELLED THE SEASON THUS FAR AND LOST MONEY BECAUSE OF THEIR OWN EFFIN' LOCKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Frankly I'm fed up with both sides - not the players but Mr. Fehr and the NHLPA - and Bettyman and his boys at the NHL. What a bunch of clowns. They wait till August - August! - to start talking about getting together. And when do they finally sit down in the same room? What was it, early September? All fkn summer goes by and nothing.

The owners were probably banking on this lockout all along, that's why they went batshit crazy with those stupid contracts in July. They knew they were going to [at least try to] weasel out of them.

[edited by canoli yes, because I figure instead of "bat ****" we can probably handle seeing the word "batshit" in print :-)]

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