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Here is what I know and if anyone has more info PLEASE let me know but it just occured to me.

Hostess - Company does bad and on the brink of bankrupcy (and now liquidation) and execs take their salary (millions). Union bosses take salary (millions). Workers are out of work. (NOT trying to start a battle over all that)...

NHL - Company does bad. Execs (Bettman and Daly) forfeit 100% of their salary, no one layed off at NHL. PA reps get paid. Hockey players (workers) don't get paid.

I feel icky! Bettman was ok for atleast that and I gotta admit it! Yuck! Maybe Fehr did to and if he did good for him also....

Anyone else know...?

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One of the articles I read early on cited that neither was getting paid until they came to a resolution.

No one laid off for the NHL? Kind of ironic but the one NHL team that laid off people was the Phoenix Coyotes (Bettman's pet project).

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