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Carter Requesting Trade

Guest Spinorama

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per this article:


It'd be interesting but at the same time I could see it. Maybe he was convinced that he and Nash would be the cogs to build around, plus Umberger is there. And then he gets hurt before he has a chance to do anything. Then while hurt he gets to spend a month watching his team go back into the crapper. Probably not a scenario where one would be excited to get back on the ice. I wonder how long Columbus would try to make it work with a player who is obviously not happy to be playing for the team (if in fact that's what's going on)?

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It's sad that he went to such a crappy team, but at the same time he is supposed to be an adult and a professional. He should stop being such a spoiled brat and man up and play with heart and make them a good team.

If I got paid what that **** got paid I wouldn't care if I played in Antartica..

One word comes to mind and it begins with a c and ends with a t. Yup that about sums up Jeffy.

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