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EXCLUSIVE: Bill Daly’s CBA-killing voice message to Steve Fehr (audio)

Guest Irishjim

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Yesterday we watched Donald Fehr speak to the media in the wake of meetings with the players, and it was in that press conference that we learned the players and owners had come to an agreement on a number of major issues…only they hadn’t at all.

Steve Fehr received a voicemail message from Bill Daly during that presser, and it was only a matter of minutes before Donald Fehr was back up on the podium explaining why they did not, in fact, have a deal. In fact, everything was suddenly off the table.

So what was in that voicemail? What had made the NHL’s representatives and governors so mad? We were curious, so we did a little digging, and amazingly, found a source who was willing to pass it on. It’s a little NSFW – Bill Daly was pissed – but still, it’s pretty interesting.

(link will not embed, click and press play) http://snd.sc/128tuf3

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