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There's nothing like a community rink on game night. Our old arena had steel sheets for outside walls. The place would be so noisy and alive that if you put your hand on one of those walls, you could feel the vibration.

My grandson is a freshman playing for a visiting high school tomorrow night. He is part of a team that is composed mainly of freshmen and sophmores. But, they form the base of a group that looks as if they can change the hockey fortunes of a school that's seen poor to dismal seasons. The local school is a yearly contender for the state championship, but graduated a lot of skilled kids last year.

I'm excited about the game.

The gratifying thing is that everyone else feels the same way, regardless of which side. I've heard from all kinds of people who are looking forward to the game. It shapes up as one of those events that everyone can get into. It'll be fun.

The people posturing through the lockout "negotiations" should be required to attend a game such as this in any northern US or Canadian rink.

If they've never witnessed hockey as it's played on game night in some town rink, then they really don't know what's at stake.

They think dollars.

We think hockey.

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I thought of you the other day buddy.

I was at a Christmas party with a buncha poitical types. One of the elected reps is a big hockey fan (also a Flyer fan!). So I was asking him if he got out to see the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles (QMJHL) much, since he's from there, but spends much of his time in Halifax. I figured he'd say he coudn't make it out much what with work and travel and such. Instead he tells me that he goes to see Tier 2 games, high school games, college games, midget games in the city. Basicaly, spends all his free time at the rink. He said he just wants to hear the skates cutting through the ice, pucks on sticks, boards rattling, etc etc.

I gave him a big hug. And bought him a beer. That's a guy who loves the game.

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