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Sabres MVRP  

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  1. 1. Choose up to 5 of your favorite Buffalo Sabres

    • Gilbert Perrault
    • Dominik Hasek
    • Rick Martin
    • Rene Robert
    • Pat Lafontaine
    • Dale Hawerchuk
    • Dave Andreychuk
    • Alex Mogilny
    • Danny Gare
    • Phil Housley

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The Buffalo Sabres entered the NHL in the 1970 expansion with the Vancouver Canucks. Throughout franchise history Buffalo has always been the team that has just missed. In 1975 the Sabres lost to the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals in six games. Buffalo wouldn't again reach the Finals until 1999 against Dallas and would again lose in six this time on a controversial goal known in Buffalo as "No Goal". In 2005-06 season Buffalo had arguably the best team in hockey, but would end up losing to the Hurricanes in 7 in the ECF due to an injury to 5 of the 6 regular defenseman. After 06-07 season the Sabres have since fell into the mediocre stages again as the cycle repeats itself. Sabres are still trying to recover from July 1 2007 when they lost Briere and Drury to UFA.

Through it all the Sabres fan base has remained loyal. Hockey continues to grow in the city of Buffalo becoming one of the strongest hockey markets in the NHL.

Through the years a lot of great hockey players have worn the Blue and Gold (and Red and Black for a few years). Here are some of the best players to wear Sabres sweater in franchise history:

1. Gilbert Perrault- When you think of Sabres hockey in Buffalo two names come to mind. One is Gilbert Perrault. Perrault was selected first overall in the 1970 NHL Draft by the Sabres. In 1971 he won the Calder trophy as Rookie of the Year. For years Perrault headlined the French Connection line with Rene Robert and Rick Martin. That line lead the Sabres to it's first Stanley Cup appearance in 1975. Perrault had 512 career goals and was a 9 time NHL All-Star. He played in Buffalo from 1970 to 1987.

2. Dominik Hasek- Here is the other name that comes to mind when thinking of Sabres hockey. The Dominator ruled the blue paint in Buffalo from 1992 to 2001. He was acquired in 1992 in a trade with Chicago. Hasek is one of the best goalies to ever play the game in the NHL and unfortunatley the Sabres were never able to capitalize with a Championship. Hasek won the MVP aware in 1997 and 1998. He won the Vezina six times with Buffalo; 94, 95, 97, 98, 99, and 2001. He has a career GAA of 2.13 and NHL career best save % of .922. Hasek was a six time all star and in my opinion the best player to wear a Sabres jersey.

3. Rick Martin- The late Rick Martin was drafted 5th overall in 1971 by the Sabres. He would join Robert and Perrault forming the French Connection line in 1971. Martin had one of the best shots in the game during his career. He had 384 career goals and was a 7 time all star. He scored 44 goals or more 5 times in his career with Buffalo from 1971-1981.

4. Rene Robert- Robert played in Buffalo from 1971-79. He had 284 career goals and was a two time All Star. Like Martin and Perrault, Robert's jersey was retired with the Sabres.

5. Alexander Mogilny- The Russian Rocket defected from the USSR in 1989 to join the Sabres. He is most known in Buffalo for one of the most exciting seasons in team history when he scored 76 goals in the 1992-93 tying with Teemu Selanne for the NHL lead. Mogilny was a six time All Star and had 473 career goals.

6. Pat Lafontaine- Lafontaine was a true fan favorite in his time with Buffalo from 1991-1997. He was the Sabres captain from 92-97. His number was retired with the Sabres in 2006. He had 468 goals in his NHL career. Most Sabres fans can hear RJ now...La la la la la la la la Lafontaine!

7. Dale Hawerchuk- Hawerchuk joined the Sabres in 1990 and played in Buffalo until 1995. He is mostly known for his time in Winnipeg. He had 518 career goals and was a 5 time NHL All-Star.

8. Dave Andreychuk- Andreychuk was another huge fan favorite in Buffalo. He was drafted 16th overall by Buffalo in 1982 and played with the Sabres until 1993, then returning for one more season in 2001. Andreychuk was the defination of a Power Forward. He had 640 career goals and has the most PP goals in NHL history with 274.

9. Danny Gare- Gare was drafted by Buffalo in 1974 and was also a big part of the 75 cup run. He has the record for the fastest goal scored in your first NHL game scoring 18 seconds into his career debut against Boston. Gare scored 50 twice with Buffalo and had 354 career goals.

10. Phil Housley- Housley was drafted in 1982 by Buffalo and played with the Sabres from 1982 to 1990. He was a 7 time NHL All Star and was a rock on the Sabres blue line for years. He had 338 career goals and 1232 career points.

Honorable Mentions: Mike Ramsey and Craig Ramsay

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Some good names, first I have to send a vote to my favourite player of all-time, Alexander Mogilny also Housley and Lafontaine were both amazing players putting up great numbers in Buffalo. And (although I hate him and still believe he was never as good as his numbers suggested) Dominik Hasek has some of the best goaltending stats of all-time with the largest chunk of his career spent in Buffalo so you have to give him a nod.

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Nice job Pegulaville!

I edited your poll to choose up to 5. I had a hard time choosing only 3. ;)

I agree Hasek is probably the best all time Sabre. I think Satan and Barnaby could have an honorable mention as well. Well those are my top 3 disliked Sabres. :P

Molginly just missed my top 5 vote. This was a tough one.

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I went with Perrault, Hasek and Housley. Housley was one of the early American stars, taken in the fist round the year after Barrasso by Scotty Bowman (Barrasso is another honorable mention IMO) and if you look at the numbers Housley put up it is hard to figure how he is still on the outside looking in at the Hall..... Really good post.

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Perrault is hands down the greatest Sabre of alltime IMO. The guy was a joy to watch...as smooth as coconut milk soaking on halibut. Hasek was a great though strangely unorthodox goalie who could make any player look like a turkey (gobble gobble) I also picked Dave Andreychuk because he was as slow but steady as an Applebees early bird special lineup. Phil Housley was a highly skilled offensive defenceman who had the energy of a crazed lunatic wired out on barbituates. Lastly I took Danny Gare. He may not have been great, but he was a heart and soul Buffalo Sabre who played fine once his tranny was warmed up.

Nice job on the write-up Pegula! (Where's Leino?)

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I went with Gilbert Perrault first and foremost...he was a top 5 player in this league when he skated for the Sabres....a virtuoso with the puck. He helped Rene Robert become the player he was...but NOT Richard Martin, he was a legit star with or without Gilbert. He rode nobodies coat tails. The guy broke into the NHL with a 46 goal season, and followed it up with many spectacualr season (including 2 52 goal seasons) and 2 more over 40, and a bunch in the mid 30's...a legit sniper if there ever was one. Sure, Martin might not have ammaased those stats had it not been for Gilbert, but it worked both ways, he helped Perrault's stats as well. Hasek, for all his unconventional moves, was one of the greatest goalies to ever lace them up, but played by insticnt, just knew where and when the puck would hit him, and twisted and contorted his body to make the save....a true legend.




I have deep respect for Housley and Gare, but had to go with outright talent. Hawerchuck and Lafontaine were not there in their primes, so I elminated them, great players sure fire HOF'ers, but not with the Sabres.

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