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Do you go to games early?

I enjoy drinking my coffee as the rink fills. Particularly high school or midget games. I love the music, the louder the better. It gets you pumped up and a little excited. I like the nice smiles from the kids as they gather around my watching perch. I like the hollering and the noise as the teams come flying out for warm-ups. It's fun to try to evaluate lines in the drills. The nods or little waves from my grandkid players and their buddies are nice.

I return waves from other parents, even though I'm so damn old I can't remember who they are. But, I appreciate their courtesy and friendship.

I love hockey arenas.

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You forgot the smells @blocker

Nothing like the reek of delicious, greasy fries. I have jackets in which you can still smell the essence of some old Quebec, New England or Ontario rink.

Happy days.

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@blocker Windsor Arena was built in 1925. While the Olympia was being built in Detroit, it was home to the Detroit Cougars, who later became the Detroit Red Wings. I LOVE that place....it feels like home. I've been in every corner of that place, know it like the back of my hand. When the Spitfires moved to the WFCU Arena in 2010 a part of me died...honest to God. It's still open, I go there every couple months and just sit there and remember the GREAT times I had there....the GREAT players I was fortunate enough to watch play there.

The hallways were so narrow, you could barely move inbetween the periods. Back a few decades when you could smoke indoors, your eyes would burn from he cigarette smoke. The greaseist of greasy frieis, the popcorn, the extra shiver from the ice and -20 temps....ahhh, the best times of my life I tell ya~!

These pics do not really do "the Barn" (as we love to call it) justice, but you do get some idea of the awesome history of the place.


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