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Waive Kiprusoff Now?

Guest radoran

Bad Gooly No Stop Pukz  

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  1. 1. Should the Flames waive Kipper?

    • Yes! He's too expensive and unreliable!
    • No! All goalies have bad games
    • Wow - LEIGHTON is available!? ZOMG!
    • OK, rad, we get it... we get it...

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Kipper gave up four goals in his last start - following a five goal outing in the game before. That's nine goals in two games from a $5.8M goaltender. It's the sixth time this season - more than 20% of his starts - that he's given up four or more goals.

Kipper's .910 SV% is respectable, I guess, but a 2.54 GAA is simply too high for a #1 caliber goalie. He's eating up 10% of the cap space.

PLUS, in five of his past eight starts, he's posted a sub-.900 SV%. Sheeya they were 4-2-2, but that's really just .500. True stories.

He's also just one win over .500 for the season 14-11-2 (14-13 duh).

This is unacceptable. This sort of performance has obviously nothing to do with the team playing in front of him. It's all on Kipper.

This six-year contract has been nothing but a millstone on the Flames' franchise. He's supposed to be a shut-down, elite #1 goalie. I'm just not seeing that in December, 2011. And we've got two more years of this.

Karlsson should play more. He just needs a chance to recover his 2.58/.908 form from last season and blossom. Heck, that's almost the same numbers as Kipper but at 15% the salary! KA-CHING!

Or maybe the Flames should consider trading with the Flyers to pick up Leighton because Karlsson's injured. Maybe send Iginla to Philly for him? The Flames need a top-flight goalie rightnow and Leighton has the playoff experience of playing in the Stanley Cup Finals. For reals.

</ snark>

In other news, yes, I own Kipper in NAHANA.

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I would take Scott Hannan and René Bourque off their hands for Bobrovsky and lower tier foward.

However, Rad you may be on to something, I think Iggy and a 2012 Calgary 1st and 2013 Calgary 1st may be able to pry Leighton away from Paul Holmgren.....maybe....

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The Flyers might need Leighton the way Bryz is playing. Maybe a straight swap, loser for loser? If a change in scenery is what each needs, it could be mutually beneficial...just more beneficial for Philly. Kipper's salary goes down from 6m this year, to 5m next, and 1m in the final - with his NMC expiring after this season.


Shorter contract, NMC expiring, less expensive in real dollars...sounds like a winner for Philly, albeit acquiring a 35 year old goalie past his prime.

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