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Vegas Odds for Stanley

Guest Podein25

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I saw this posted on Yahoo early today.

What came to mind is how little things have changed since I started following the league in the early 70s. The Detroits and Bostons of the world are still seen as ongoing elite. OK...LA, clearly a "newcomer" to the elite. About the only surprise--and a sad commentary on the decline of the franchise--is Montreal's spot. On that score, I shed no tears.



Pittsburgh Penguins 8/1

New York Rangers 17/2

Vancouver Canucks 9/1

Los Angeles Kings 12/1

Philadelphia Flyers 12/1

Chicago Blackhawks 14/1

Boston Bruins 16/1

Detroit Red Wings 16/1

St. Louis Blues 16/1

Minnesota Wild 18/1

San Jose Sharks 20/1

Carolina Hurricanes 22/1

Washington Capitals 22/1

Buffalo Sabres 25/1

Edmonton Oilers 25/1

Nashville Predators 28/1

Tampa Bay Lightning 28/1

Montreal Canadiens 30/1

New Jersey Devils 30/1

Toronto Maple Leafs 30/1

Anaheim Ducks 40/1

Colorado Avalanche 40/1

Dallas Stars 40/1

Florida Panthers 40/1

Ottawa Senators 40/1

Phoenix Coyotes 40/1

Calgary Flames 50/1

Winnipeg Jets 50/1

New York Islanders 66/1

Columbus Blue Jackets 100/1

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I guess a second take on these odds is that ultimately, management matters. A culture of good management sticks around, even with lean years. Bad management is hard to overcome. I think my backyard Panthers are an example. Tallon is turning things around, but that takes years. You'd also think that money matters, and I am sure it does. But Toronto has bucks...and a 45 year Cup drought. I also suspect a look here says the Southern Strategy hasn't exactly taken root.

Best to all!

"The Howster"

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Tallon is turning things around, but that takes years.

Yeah, but in a shortened post-lockout season with new rules of engagement, new opportunities for certain kinds of trades and signings, anything can happen.

I hope for the sake of Panthers fans that Tallon doesn't bugger this up by trading blue-chip prospects like Bjugstad for Luongo. Markstrom is so close that it must hurt. He's the real thing and next to Schneider or Lindback is the young Goalie prospect I'd want to build a team around. Ok, Bernier if someone can get him at the right price from LA...

It would be a real mistake to give VAN anything close to what they are asking for Luongo.

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