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Just in the nick of time: hope for refs at last!

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On the eve of the start of the lockout-shortened NHL season, British researchers have discovered a cure for blindness in mice.

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Whew! Finally, some hopeful new on the reffing front! And just in time.

Willl the good news never stop?! What next, news that the Leafs finally found some truculence ?

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Posted (edited) · Hidden by Illflyaway, January 9, 2013 - No reason given
Hidden by Illflyaway, January 9, 2013 - No reason given


The NoHL's NoBargainingAgreement with the NoHL Referees Association does not allow for the injection of light-sensing cells into the eyes of their members. It should also be noted here that the refs are refusing to requests from the NoHL to undergo the procedure. NoHL commisioner Garry Shitman has fired the opening salvo and has said that unless the aforementioned referees subject themselves to the injection of alien (experimental stuff) into their eyeballs, that the NoHL will not be financially viable and that the league will impose a lockout unless the refs subject to these injections by the 8th of Jan.

Shockey analysts predict that the expected start of the NoHL on the 19th of Jan is jeopardized, leading to a potential complete wipeout of the NoHL season.

Fartlund reports (E5) that Bettman has reached out to the erstwhile replacement NoFL referees asking them if they would officiate NHL games in such a case.

NB: ProPublica reports that the treatment of mice in the study cited by the OP does not remove the remove the OrangeAndBlackAutomaticPenaltyFlag from the affected mice. They can see all colors as legit as long as it doesn't have orange and black winged wheel with four fingers.

P.S. All spelling mistakes are uh-intentional unless stated otherwise.


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Cool stuff Pods. As for the Refs they may be able to see, but still may not comprehend the rules :wacko:

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