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On Briere, Bryz, & G-Man (Tim P)


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Two days since a handful of Flyers have trickled into pre-camp, we've had a bundle of news.

The bad: Danny Briere will probably miss the season opener, by his own admission, because of a badly sprained wrist. He might even miss a week.

Funny thing is, GM Paul Holmgren seemed more worried about Briere than Andrej Meszaros and anyone who has been around Achilles injuries will tell you it's a tad more worrisome than sprained wrists.

Maybe it's me ...

I loved the "new" Ilya Bryzgalov who showed up at Skate Zone today. Very, very relaxed, focused, easy going.

He said he gave a lot of thought to how he deals with people, pressure, the media and his job over the summer and made some mental corrections which he intends to employ this year.

I think we can all agree that is EXACTLY what we want to see from Bryz.

As much as I like most of you have doubts about his long term ability to look the dominant goalie he was last March, I'm willing to give him a clean slate and prove he can be that player once again - healthy.

I will always wonder what the Flyers would have done last May "if" Bryz had been 100 percent and had never suffered a chip fracture in his foot.

Okay, onto the other hot button topic: the captaincy.

Claude Giroux, willing and able and he spoke on the subject and without out right saying, "I want it," you know that 'G' WANTS it. I feel he has deserved it.

Would you believe since 2000, the Flyers have had 7 captains! That far too many.

I truly believe when Giroux gets the "C" in the days ahead, he will lend longevity to it.

While Kimmo Timonen and Danny Briere are worthy candidates, Giroux is going to get an 8-year deal next summer. That's 8 full seasons of wearing the "C" and that has to be a major factor.

I will have more on 'G' on CSN tomorrow morning.

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I truly believe when Giroux gets the "C" in the days ahead, he will lend longevity to it.

Didn't h/we say the same thing about Mike "The Next Clarke" Richards?

I really don't get why this is a "hot button" issue. TP says 7 captains since are "far too many" and then uses the same criteria which gave us 7 captains since 2000.

Jason Smith was going to add longevity because it would encourage him to stay here. He left.

Forsberg - never a captain before - was an obvious choice to many. Traded.

Chris Pronger was going to add longevity because he had signed a long term deal. Injured.

Derian Hatcher was... well, let's face it - that was a terrible decision. Desjardins as well.

Primeau a tragedy.

I have an idea for an article - ask the PLAYERS if they think it is essential that a captain be named rightnow. Here's another wacky idea - let them VOTE for their own leader.

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Pretty sad on a franchise as stable as the Flyers

"Stable" - you're using that word... I'm not so sure it means what you think it means...

There are two forwards on the roster from the 09-10 season (three years ago). Two defensemen (plus Pronger from the trade). And Leighton.

From 10-11 (two years ago), three forwards (plus Shelley). Three defense (plus Pronger). And Leighton...

In the years since 2000 with the seven captains, there have been five coaches.

The Flyers - aside from the Worst Season Ever - have been pretty consistently successful in W/L.

"Stable" is not a word I would use for them, however...

I think that's why a lot of the players are happy to have a lot of the same guys back from last season (nine F, plus Shelley and the AHL bunch); three D (plus Grossmannn and the AHL bunch) and Bryz... Leighton, thankfully, was not on the team last season...

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@radoran Stable as in they're set financially and they almost always make the playoffs. Philly usually has a pretty solid core of players, draft fairly well and don't have a problem bring FAs in. The players don't have to worry about the franchise moving or going bankrupt.

Your points are valid, obviously.

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