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How many times have you seen this one?

Yesterday in a high school game, a player was checked by a couple kids on the other team. Lots of stickwork, bumping, boot contact and borderline interference. They held this boy to a single assist, but his teammates took up the slack. His team was ahead by 5 goals in the third period.

About half-way through that period, he runs one of his coattails. Smashes him into the boards really hard. The official gives a charging penalty. The coach of the player struggling back to his feet is screaming at the refs for more minutes. The parents of the kid who got belted are going ape.

I'm on the side of the player who punished his shadow. If you want to try to stop a scorer by harassment, then you better be ready to take retaliation. Competitive kids like to hit and frustration adds heat to that hunger.

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