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Just example #5843902 why drafting is such a sketchy process. At least you rarely find people like alfreddson going in the 7th round anymore. I think teams on the whole do a very good job considering all the intangibles. You can complain about subban... but look at all the people drafted ahead of Claude "what's his name".

Wow... some teams really botched the 2006 draft. Jiri Tlusty, Derek Brassard, James Sheppard?? Riku Helenius????? Mark Mitera?? David Fischer? All drafted ahead of Giroux...

I consider myself a fairly knowledgable hockey fan... even juniors... but I've never heard of a few of those guys!


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Yeah it is too bad that we miscalculated so badly and drafted the next Darren Rumble. One thing I will say for Marshall is he is a heck of a nice guy. I had a chance to speak with him at one of the meet the players STH events and he was really cool. He was so happy to be up with the big club finally, oh well.

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Just looking at that '06 Draft - Boston had to have the best draft of any team that year:

Bruins Round 1(5): Phil Kessel

Round 2(37): Yuri Alexandrov

Round 2(50): Milan Lucic

Round 3(71): Brad Marchand - what a steal!

Round 5(128): Andrew Bodnarchuk

Round 6(158): Levi Nelson

Then of course Boston flipped Kessel to Toronto for draft picks that ended up being Tyler Seguin, Dougie Hamilton, and Jared Knight.

Well done Boston. Homer, do that.

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