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Take out the 7 goal outburst against Florida and...

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This team has scored 6 goals in 5 games.

Special teams are brutal. Really brutal.

This team does not attack the net. Watching Giroux, its much more noticeable how he never attacks the middle of the ice anymore...opting instead to cross the blueline and pull up just inside the blueline looking to make a pass.

This system of Lavys makes it laughably easy for teams to get 3 of our forwards trapped behind the goaline and breakout on 3 on 2's with ease.

This team isn't anywhere near Stanley Cup contender status. I just wish they wouldnt embarrass themselves as they did last night, with such a brutal effort and so much quit in their game.

They flyers would do well to acquire PK Subban. With Timmo done this yr and Mezs so injury prone, things arent going to look up for a while.

PS...anyone else notice how tired and stressed lavy looks on the bench?

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there are a lot of guys that are hurt, i guess we're seeing the value of hartnell flopping around in front of the goalie to Giroux's game. i'm having a hard time being disappointed in this group just yet, this team is really young up front and for us to expect giant steps forward from couturier,schenn and the like is wishful thinking. in two years if they're still this inconsistent then yes, light the fires for the tar and start ripping up your pillows.

i'm disappointed in Voracek, i thought he was poised for a breakout year, and it may still happen, it looks like he's starting to have 3 periods worth of energy and that bodes well, but he was not in any kind of shape when he got back from Europe.

i like a lot of our forwards, and hope they are still around to grow together because , i see the potential and i see how they can be great as a group.

the defense needs to be healthy and we need a player or two to make that group effective, letting Carle walk has proven to be costly, i would be pissed to pay him 5.5 a year , but he does a lot of things right and maybe that's what a player with his skill set is worth and i'm a cheap ****.

maybe there is some help and a few things to be done during the draft. if we qualify for the tournament this year i would consider the season a success.

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The Flyers used the problematic approach of telling two current Flyers (Carle, Jagr) that they would need to wait to get a "hometown discount" offer while the organization was offering Top Money to players who had no connection to the team.

Heckuva job, Homer.

That said, this team has the chance to come together and get moving in the right direction. They are NOT all that different from what was here last year.

Most observers seem to believe that the compressed schedule will leave the playoff seeding a complete fustercluck into the second half of the season. There is no reason to think that this team can't be a 6-8 seed and make some noise in the postseason.

Or they can be a lottery team.

I think the former is more likley.

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