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@mojo1917 He has been respectable, the d has hung him out to dry quite a few times, but I'm still not seeing a star, a game changer/stealer....that is what we are paying him to do. I'm thrilled we have this season and next to decide on a buy out.....my biggest fear is he is decent, then goes back to letting in the back breaking softies we have grown to hate. I want a spectacular goalie, not an average goalie.

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Seemed to me he was one of the steadying forces against the Rangers - both in keeping the Rags to two goals and also encouraging his teammates to calm it down, play their game and try for the tying goal.

Guy is 2-4 despite putting up 2.19/.924. The team's problems - for now - are not in goal.

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As much as it pains me to say, Bryz has been solid overall. I didn't like the 1st goal last night, but it happens. Last night's game could easily have been 4-1 or 5-1. The Rangers had some great chances.

Everyone knows how I feel about the Bryzaster, but at this point, he has been the Flyers best player. And I'm not sure there is a close 2nd.

If the rest of the team can pull it together, and he continues his level of play, this team will be very tough to play against. Big "IF", as it stands right now.

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you know those numbers are what I expected when snider put him on the jet and brought him to town. . A good team can win with a guy putting up those numbers, I think we have the makings of a good team , I do feel pretty strongly that this is not going to be "our year" . I do think some good lessons will come from this year. My hope is the mgmt can get all the pieces and the coaches can get those pieces working together at the same time.

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Has been solid,

He's looked to me like he's being a good teammate.

I hope he can hang in with this new found good attitude and play while these young guys get their act together.

Bryz is a keeper. He is only going to get stronger. The Flyer D though is a complete mess. This is on Holmgren. The forwards are so out of sych because the defense can't secure and move up the puck so there is constant flow and attack. That is what Lavy's syetem is all about. Attack. Jam... If you can't/don't do that, you get what you have now. Plus this dump and chase is anti-Lavy and is beating the Xhit out of these young forwards in the corners.. Anytime these guys stop moving the puck, they loose it.

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