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Brown hit on kaleta


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Take these two hits...

and this one

I think the only difference is that one the victim is a penguin (two game suspension for the perpetrator) and the second the perpetrator is a penguin ($2500 fine)

This entire league is a joke. I'm just counting down the days until the NFL draft or baseball starts. The NHL has head its head buried in its own @ss for quite some time now.

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It is utter crap if you ask me. How Jordan Staal only gets a fine is beyond me. He boarded Coborn a good 5-6 feet away from the board...AND THAT SHOULD deserve a fine. McDonald hits Lovejay a mere foot away and he gets to sit for 2 games. There is no justice in the league and if i am the Isles I would be pi$$ed. But according to Ponaris and any other Pens fan there is no bias in the league that it is all in our heads. BULL!

If anything the Staal hit is way worse than the McDonald hit. I dare any Pens fan to justify why Staal should only get a fine yet McDonald gets 2 games. There is a bias in the league known as the dictatorship of Bettman and Shanny.

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Personally as a Sabres fan and I was at the game I'm fine with no suspension. Kaleta turned just before Brown hit him. Some responsibility is on the player who was hit. What I'm not ok with is Weber getting 2 min instigating 5 min fighting and a 10 min misconduct for standing up for his player. Took away a PP and the league won't suspend players then they should let players police themselves, but they won't let them do that either.

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Kaleta turned when he knew he was coming... I'm sure Brown could have 'let up' but this is not suspendable. Kaleta made this a lot worse than it had to be. Plus... it's patrick kaleta. If anything, brown should be given a raise!

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