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Brad Marchand calls Lindy Ruff ‘disrespectful’

Guest Digityman

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Technically, there were fireworks in the Buffalo Sabres’ game against the Boston Bruins, to the tune of 11 total goals (thanks, Thomas Vanek).

But as far as the highly anticipated sideshow of violence goes, we were given an early first period fight between John Scott and Shawn Thornton and then no other fisticuffs.

That could have changed at the end of the game, when the Bruins had Lane MacDermid – all 4:12 of total ice time and 40 AHL fights in the last three seasons – on the ice with 14 seconds left in the game, following a Jason Pominville goal that made it 7-4.

The Sabres had Pominville, Jochen Hecht and Vanek out for the draw. Coach Lindy Ruff didn’t like MacDermid out with his skill guys. So he did something that, quite possibly, has never been done before: He called a timeout with 14 seconds left, with his team up by three goals.

This did not sit well with Brad Marchand of the Bruins after the game. Via NESN:

“Yeah, [Ruff] wants to be a big shot, and that’s not the best play to do,” Brad Marchandsaid. “That’s pretty disrespectful. If he wants to be like that, that’s fine. We just have to move on.”

Ruff sent John Scott back on the ice along with Marcus Foligno after the timeout. The game ended without incident.

“Well, when MacDermid was with one of our skill players, I didn’t want anything to happen. That’s really all it was about,” said Ruff.

Bruins Coach Claude Julien told NESN that Ruff “might have thought something was gonna happen, which wasn’t.”

Oh, yes, clearly nothing would have happened. He just wanted to give MacDermid a good 14-second look at the end of the game.


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What is "disrespectful" about pulling your skill players up 3 goals with 14 seconds to play when the oppnent who is getting spanked puts out a talentless goon?

Julien puttng the goon out there is "disrespectful."

That said, what is Ruff thinking putting Vanek and Pominville on the ice in that situation?

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I was at the Sabres vs Bruins game on Thursday night, and while I was trying to procure a beverage before the game, I came across a table where they had Bruins memorabilia, all framed and autographed for auction. There was lots of classic stuff, Cam Neely and Bobby Orr and the like, and then I came across this.


Yup, this was a picture of 'that' hit, featuring Ryan Miller and cheapshotter extraordinaire MIlan Lucic. I think what irked me the most about this was that the auction was actually for charity, and supported by the Boston Bruins organization. Pathetic really, and no class whatsoever.

Of course, there was no one of rank anywhere near the display that I could talk to about how classless that was. Just talking to some Bruins fans around the display and they were quite surprised that was even there alongside pics of their previous Cup triumphs.

To each their own I guess, but pretty disgusting nonetheless.

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Personally this just sounded like Boston whining. Julien knew what he was doing by putting McDermidt on the ice with 15 seconds left. Scott was brought to Buffalo to protect his teammates so that's what Ruff was doing.

While I obviously agree with the sentiment, why on Earth does Ruff have Vanek and Pominville on the ice up 3 with 14 seconds to play - "needing protection?"

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