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Possible trade targets - Carchidi & Garrioch


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From Carchidi's article @ http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/flyers/20130203_Inside_the_Flyers___Some_possible_trade_targets_to_upgrade_the_Flyers_offense.html

Here are some of the unrestricted free-agent forwards who could appeal to the Flyers in a deal, one that would ease the pain of losing winger Wayne Simmonds (out indefinitely with a concussion) and Scott Hartnell, who could miss another five weeks:

Corey Perry, Anaheim. Get in line. Perry is one of the game's best wingers and a power-play force. He (or teammate Bobby Ryan, a Cherry Hill native) is just the type of sniper the Flyers need.

Brenden Morrow, Dallas. The 34-year-old left winger is coming off a down season and is viewed more as a stopgap than a long-term solution. He is supposedly available, and there are also whispers that if Dallas falls out of contention, another winger might be on the block - a guy named Jaromir Jagr.

Michael Ryder, Dallas. The soon-to-be-33-year-old winger is coming off a career season (35 goals) but could soon be on the trading block.

Stephen Weiss, Florida. The topline center has said he wants to end his career with the Panthers, but if Florida keeps struggling and can't afford to pay him, the 29-year-old might be available.

Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim. Coming off a season in which the center managed just 11 goals, Getzlaf would give the Flyers some much-needed size (6-foot-4, 217 pounds) up the middle.

Alexander Semin, Carolina. Semin has a reputation for playing carelessly, but there's nothing wrong with the offensive part of his game.

David Clarkson, New Jersey. He's coming off a career year (30 goals) and he has the toughness that makes him a natural for the Flyers' management. But would the Devils trade him to a division rival?

Jarome Iginla, Calgary. Yes, he's 35, but the highly respected winger is coming off a 32-goal season and is showing no signs of slowing down.

And here's a bit from Garrioch that mentions Yandle.


Paul Holmgren is getting ready to push the panic button -- and he needs help everywhere.

The Philadelphia Flyers GM wasn't happy with the club's 2-6-1 record going into Saturday's visit by the Carolina Hurricanes. The word amongst league executives is he'd take just about anything he can get.

The Flyers need scoring, would like to get another blueliner and, on top of that, could use goaltending help as well. Generally speaking, they've been happy with Ilya Bryzgalov, but they did hold talks with the Vancouver Canucks about Roberto Luongo.

So, what now?

The Flyers are supposed to be a contender, not a bottom feeder. This kind of start could kill any chance they have of making the post-season and coach Peter Laviolette appears to be safe.

The word is the Flyers would like to make "a big move" to shake up their struggling club. That has proved to be difficult in the current environment.

Holmgren could see what the Calgary Flames want to do with winger Jarome Iginla, but GM Jay Feaster has maintained he wants to keep the captain.

The only impact blueliner available is Keith Yandle of the Phoenix Coyotes, who wouldn't mind shedding his $5.25 million salary. Because Yandle comes with a big price tag, Holmgren's hands could be tied their as well.

As for Luongo, the belief is Holmgren now wants a capable backup for Bryzgalov to see if the club can get by that way.

The Flyers have a big challenge ahead and the pressure is on Holmgren to get this turned around.

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I don't know much about Garrioch, but I don't think Carchidi can even skate. ;)

Well, I can't comment on the skating part but apparently Garrioch can't read or maybe he is Kuato and doesn't watch the games. "2-6-1 record going into Saturday's visit by the Carolina Hurricanes." I'm pretty sure the Flyers were 2-6-0 going into the Carolina game.

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Honestly I dont get the panic. We are perennial contenders and never champions because of this kind of panic. While I appreciate the desire to win every year lets build a core team out of our youth, opportunistically take advantage of other teams panic and pick up some role player vets along the way for an affordable price to help close the deal once the young guys get on a roll.

I really liked what the Phillies did to win the World Series in 2008, they built around their core who were young and talented at the time and then added Victorino, Lidge, Werth, Jenkins, Feliz, etc. to push them over the top.

Now we are going to make some stupid move so we can get into the 1st, maybe 2nd round of the playoffs and lose again and in the process watch Laughton win the cup with Sbisa and the Ducks in 5 years.

I am really sick of this cycle of futility...That list of Flyers who won with other teams is really galling every time I see it.


This is driven by a owner that is getting older, has not won a Cup in many years, has never had patience and never will.

He will drive any GM to illogical and damaging decisions.


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I was not a big fan of the whole idea of trying to acquire Ryan when the topic first came up, but I actually am starting to become somewhat of a supporter of this. But of course the question still remains exactly what cost would this come at?

About the only acquisition target mentioned in this slew of articles that makes any sense to me is Stephen Weiss. He is 29 and quite durable. If we go for some 35+ dude and sacrifice picks and youth it will only confirm what BOI says--an aging owner is forcing shortsighted, desperate moves.

That said, another part of these talks is the shorter season. Within a compressed time frame, teams may decide to be buyers or seller sooner or later. The trade deadline may not mean as much. I hope we build around a nucleus and stop our perpetual blow-ups.



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The seats will be filled either way. Win or lose I will go to games as a fan (well except when they decide to cancel half the games....)

I completely agree in building around a core of players and let the pieces fall into place. Ryan is still young and can be one of those core players at age 25. If the price is right you HAVE to pull the trigger. I don't expect the Flyers to do squat this year and quite honestly would be in favor of trading off expiring veterans hat would be valuable to cup contenders for prospects/picks. The only problem is any of those veterans most likely have NTC/NMC. Ryan is going to cost a pretty penny regardless of how much he is unhappy of being in the Ducks organization or not, he is under contract and they won't trade him for pennies. Laughton alone won't get it done, throw in Timonen and it might be a done deal? Ducks are 4th in this shortened season and right now and have the cap room to take him on.

Any trade speculation on who the buyers/sellers will be is too early at this point but if the Flyers and Ducks keep up with their current pace I would be all for something like this happening. Any panic move to try and push the team over the hump and squeak into the playoffs would be useless at this point.

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