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When goalies leave the crease....

Guest Digityman

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.... and disallowed goals.

The NHL needs to change the rules on what is called goaltender interference. Maybe even going as far as considering a goalie to be a skater outside their crease, thus allowing them to be hit, checked or similar.

Price is way outside of his crease. Even though there really isn't even an contact that I can see, Price was outside the crease. The players need to be able to skate in front of the crease without having to worry about hitting the goalie.

This one is a little different. There is no contact what-so-ever on Crawford. It's arguable that the skates of the offensive player where in the blue pant at the time of the shot???

Rask is far outside the blue paint. This should have been allowed.

This is arguable again but he was outside his crease. That's a good goal in my mind.

So the question is: Should the NHL require that goalies remain in the crease or otherwise be consider a skater?

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