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What's with Bryz and Shootouts (or breakaways for that matter)

Guest fan4ever

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dunno. the thing i keep noticing is how little he moves on breakaways/PS. just very static. my rule of thumb has always been to come out to the hashmarks when the skater is at center ice, and pace the play back into the net. bryzgalov...gets out to the top of his crease. don't know if it is *the* problem or not, but it can't help. makes for bad angles if the skater decides to shoot, and with no backward momentum, makes it easier to go around him on a deke. if the goalie is moving back with the progress of the puck such that the goalie is at the goalline when the puck is at the goalline, the only way into the net is through him. if he is stationary, 2 feet out, he becomes an obsticle to bypassed.

all of which, imo, comes back to the not real solid on his skates thing.

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