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The spearing downlow....Suspension coming for Staubitz?



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  1. 1. Should Brad Staubitz receive a suspension from the league?

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It will be interesting to see if Shanahan takes any additional action. There have been two.....low blows in just two days, will Shanahan hand out a suspension to Staubitz to send a message to the rest of the league?

Anaheim's Staubitz was given a 5 minute major and ejected for spearing Stars defensman Brandon Dillon in the groin during the first period of Friday's game.

Does he deserve a suspension?

Before you say yes,......in Thursdays game Johan Franzen speared David Perron and also received a major and a game misconduct with no further action from the league.


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62.1 Spearing - Spearing shall mean stabbing an opponent with the point of the stick blade, whether contact is made or not.

My initial thought is that was not a spear and I'm not so sure that Staubitz intended to do that. The puck was being played by the D-man and it looked to me like Staubitz was trying to lift the other guy's stick. Looking at his reaction immediately after, he looked surprised that it happened and was pleading his case to the referee as he was being led off the ice. It should have been called a slash.

Watching the highlights from that game, this was not the 1st time that kind of stick work occured. Shortly before this incident, Robidas did the same thing to Perry when the puck was nowhere near either player. Perry went down momentarily, then got up and chased down Robidas. A fight ensued. No penalty was called on Robidas.

Putting both incidents together, Staubitz may have been returning the favor. Maybe his reaction that I previously thought was surprise, was more of an "eye for an eye" message to Dallas. I would think that if the NHL took action on Staubitz, they would have to take the same action on Robidas. I don't see that happening. A warning to both players is sufficient in my eyes.

Franzen had intent behind his spear. He used the the blade of his stick to hit Perron with a stabbing motion. He should have been fined or suspended.

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There's no way he was trying to lift his stick. the puck was already gone and Dillon's stick was already waist high.


Players try to tie up the opponent's stick all the time, even after the shot or pass. Stop the video at :30 mark, Dillon just released the puck. Look at the position of Dillon's feet, they are almost parallel with the side boards. That is when Staubitz comes in with the stick. A split second later, Dillon's feet are now perpendicular to the side boards and Staubitz' stick is now between the legs.

It is quite possible that this was just incidental. It is also quite possible that this is retaliation for the incident against Perry. Apparently you see this as intentional...From looking at the video, I can't determine if this was intentional.

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