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Today's NHL


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As I was watching the game against Florida, I kept getting this thought in my head ... "BORING"! The game went on and I sat there casually watching while doing whatever else was more interesting. There were no hard hits, no drama, no fireworks and of course, little scoring. It got me thinking how the NHL wants to put this product on the ice with fast moving, high scoring flashy plays. But guess what, it isn't happening. The game I see today is not that much different offensively from all the hockey I have ever watched. I used to remember sitting int eh edge of my seat, not wanting to miss a minute of a game (regardless of score), becasue aything cool could happen (ala the famed Ottawa game). But the league has effectively neutered itself into soccer on ice.

I find it funny how the sport is considered too violent. can't the arketing people in the NHL see that violence is a major selling point? The world of MMA fighting is still on the ice and more popular than ever. Boxing, although not as popular as it once was, has transcened time. Football is as close to a gladiator arnea as you might find. Yet this league continues to leash itself to an ideal that is making a struggling sport lose alot of its luster.

I want to be clear that I am not writing this about fighting, although that is a vital point. Rather, I am saying that new rules to clean up the sport have made it blah at best. I don't particularly care if george Parros fights Jody Shelley, unless that fight actually has some impact or rlelevance to the game. These side show fights just for the sake of fighting, are stupid. That is what MMA is for. But fights that happen out of emotion and based off the plot unfolding in the current game are awesome. I will use the Erskine hit in Simmonds as an example. I saw that hit as intentional. I wanted to see some type of retribution. I wanted to see drama unfold and two teams go at it. But all we got was a good fight that altered two players night based on a BS rule and screw up by a linesman.

I would like to see the instigator rule removed. I want the rule about fighting before the face off removed. I think there is a rule about fighting in the last five minutes of a game. I want that removed. Hockey used to be a war on ice. I want that back. I want more hitting in with the skill play. I like the uniquness of the sport and what it was about. I think it s pretty obvious that the product on the ice today is no where near as popular as it was in the 80'S and 90's.

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I want to see refs let incidental contact go, unless it is with a goalie, where you waive off the goal, move the faceoff and don't call the penalty. The on and off special teams rallies keep the 5 on 5 from getting into a rhythm. The Knuble interference call against Carolina was hilariously weak.

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