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The Tyler Myers dilemma

Guest yave1964

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Tyler Myers leads tthe NHL with a wretched -9 to start the season, he has been a healthy scratch for the past two games.

Now what?

The hulking (6.8, 227 lbs) 23 year old has to have teams across the land drooling, in spite of the fact that his points have dropped from 48, to 37 to 23 in his first three seasons, even though he has looked lost and out of sorts so far this year, the whispers have started, and Myers could likely command a massive payment from a team in need of a top two blue liner.

Is he worth it? Defensvely, which is of course the primary job of a blue liner, he gets turned around pretty easily and moved out of position. He doesnt take too many penalties, some complaign he is too soft in his own zone. Offensively he has a wicked slapper but more often than not doesnt seem to have a clue where it is going.

That said, any team (Philly and Detroit come right to mind) not interested in this enormously talented but out of sorts player who practicly begs for a change of scenery is out of their mind. With the right organization, and the right coaching (nothing against Ruff but he does not seem to have developed too many top end blue liners) Myers could be a stud.

And Buffalo has to know that teams would be drooling like Pavlovs dog over him, a top two center and a solid defensemen back, maybe even a pick is not out of the question. Top four defensemen are almost impossible to find. Top pairing blue liners who can run a power play and are available do not exist. He comes with enormous question marks, but if Buffalo puts him on the market make no mistake, a team will have no choice but to overpay to get him.

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@yave1964 Reminds me a lot of the Dion Phaneuf story, dominate in your rookie year and get progressively worse as time goes by. Myers could still be a wicked player, but the price would be scary and....it's a real big gamble to take....this guy could be a young Chara or a big stiff.....or anything inbetween.

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Phanuef? I was thinking Souray, but fair analogy, (I was gonna say fair Phaneuf but decided against it, lol).

Guys like Myers look the part, show enough flashes of brilliance to make you think they have turned a corner, Some do and some dont.

Chara went through it. The Isles gave up after three years, trading him to Ottawa along with a first round pick (which turned out to be Jason Spezza) for Yashin, even then it took a couple of years for Chara to turn in to Chara.

The guy who Myers most reminds me of is an old Red Wing named Willie Huber, a mamoth who played a small mans game, I remember my grandfather screaming for Huber to hit anyone, as big as he was he would have went through them. His size and potential kept him in the league for ten years or so but he never became the player he was predicted to be.

Now is the time for the Sabres to trade him, the big son of a gun will always have suitors, but with the state of defense in the league right now at its lowest, Myers will bring a premium.

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I haven't watched Myers play too too much, but from the description, it sounds more like a Bouwmeester type. Impressed from a young age (some might say peaked), has been in decline ever since, is a soft player, and seems to shy away from the spotlight.

I certainly wouldn't give up 3 assets for him.

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