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There is no trade that will improve this team


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We all have to face the facts that there is no trade Holmgren can make that is going to improve the team,We are in for a long season. We are not scoring and we arew giving up too many goals and have no PP .We are weak on defense as well as offense. So if we traded Coots or Schenn for an offensive defenseman, it might improve our PP and puck rushing deficiencies, but it will weaken the offense, so making a trade really wont help us overall. When we get Hartnell and Mez back it will certainly help the offesne ,defense and PP, and I also think that Gus can help a bit in the puck rushing area, if Bourdon ever comes back that can also help a bit, Gus and Bourdon are surely better than Foster and Gervais, but its not enough to win us a Cup.

To me the 3 biggest needs are ..

1 a puck rushing defenseman with a good point shot who can QB the PP

2 a scoring right winger ,a pure finisher who can make the most of Girouxs playmaking,

3 a center with some size and faceoff skills, who can play the shutdown role and kill penalties

The key to improving the team lies in the UFAs avaialble in the offseason, unfortunately there are no quality defensemen available as UFAs, so to me our only option is to sign a couple of top forwards and then trade some ouf our forwards for defense. I really do not see any other way ....

So lets say we sign Getzlaf and Perry, so you now have a pure finisher with size to play with Giroux. Imagine the space he get with Hartnell and Perry.

Getzlaf gives us the big center weve been lacking since Lindros and Primeau.

We can buy out Briere and free up big $$

Now for the defense, whether we like it or not ,the only way we are getting a good young defenseman is by trading a good young forward. So our trade bait for defense will be one or two of these guys...Coots, Schenn Read, Voracek and Laughton .Even if we finally drafted a great young dman in this years draft , unless we got Dennis Potvin, there is no way the guy is helping us for at least 2 years. So a trade is the only wayto help the defense. When we taded for Mark Howe it cost us Ken Linseman, Desjardins cost us Recchi, and a guy like Yandle will cost us at least one of our young forwards. In order to get quality we have to give up quality, no one is giving away good defensemen for nothing,

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Yah I've been saying that for awhile now. I say let this season go as is. Trade if possible briere and kimmo

I would say with bidding on dmen we might grab a first and maybe more. Briere maybe first and second rounder/prospect. There are two dmen I want in draft. Seth jones and Ryan pulock

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I'd ask briere about a trade.

Seriously? Even after that super-amazing goal celebration he did last night? lol. I realize it was meant as a big fat FU to the Habs' fans who hate him (still) but boy did he look silly. In a game where our entire team (except Boosh and Simmonds) was fast asleep he stood out like a clown doing that uppercut windmill thing he does.

Briere is - like many goal-scorers - very streaky. He'll go 10 games without a goal then put up 7 in a row where he connects for multiple points. Yes he's tempting to trade with that big salary but I think RonJeremy's point is a good one - nobody is coming to the Flyers' rescue this year.

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Yeah I did jump to a conclusion there didn't I?

I still don't know about trading Briere though. Obviously anyone is movable for the right deal blahblahblah. But Briere is a guy I want around when the team does come together. I figure he's good for 60-70 points and if I'm right I'd keep him. Certainly now but even next year we may not be in a position to trade away goal-scorers for prospects.

The other thing is - what would he fetch now with the way he and the Flyers are playing?

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I really don't think you could get something that the Flyers really need for Briere.

Need short term or long term? Also, getting out of his cap hit without paying for a buyout is a team win. I'd listen, but not necessarily trade, as I recognize he has value.

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