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The Sabres have been the recieving end of mass criticisim due most in part to their incosistency this season (mostly by "Sabres Fans") to be able to string a buyable winning streak that has Mr Pegulas motives for the Sabres being a contender in jepordy.

The Sabres have been the most inconsistent consistent team in the NHL this year, win 2 games, than lose 2-3 games which has plumeted to last in the Northeast division,12th in the conference, and 24th in the league.

Sabres (6-9-1) with 13pts on the year so far are 3pts back of the Senators (8th), 6pts behind the leafs (6th) 7pts behind the Canadiens (5th) and 8 pts behind the Bruins (3rd).

Sure the Sabres have no perfromed the way we expected them to when the Sabres got tougher in the offseason but key assests just clearly not have shown up to play to help balance out the scoring prowess the Sabres truly possess.

Its been the Vanek, Pominville and Miller show all season long, players like Stafford only having 1 goal this far into the season is not what we were expecting when we signed him to the 3/yr 12million dollar contract he signed (4mill per year) there are other notables that need start putting more pucks into the net such as young stars Ennis, Gerbe, Folgnio and Grigorenko.

The players do have a few goals to their name but are being paid to score at a much more productive pace than they currently are.

The Sabres are a much more deadlier team when all those players (minus Grigorenko although he should be proving why we are keeping him up in the big leagues) are firing on all cylinders every night.

Ville Leino who we have not yet to see since the end of game 1 of the season has been injured, would the team be better if he wasnt injured? was last season just a flukey 1st year?

Hodgson has something to prove this year if he wants an extended stay in Buffalo entering his last year of his contract.

Something is wrong in Buffalo and the fans want something to be done to right the ship that has caused the Sabres to not be even the slightest bit of a contender so far this year.

If you were GM for a day what would you do??

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@Canadian Sabres

I haven't watched Buffalo that much this season, but I thought they played a strong game against the Penguins today. If they play like that I would think that the pieces are all there and it is just a matter of execution and maintaining a high energy.

If the Sabres were to do anything....I would think trading Miller in the off season might be interesting for the right price.

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@Canadian Sabres If I was GM, I'd tell you what I would *not* do....that's spend money in the wrong summer just because you have it to burn. It was a bad year to go all in, and the Sabres cap will sufer long term because of it. Ville (what have you done for me lately) Leino is brutal. The Sabres, to me anyways, are a one line team with a suspet defense and a slightly overrated goalie. If I'm the Sabres, I start the rebuild in ernest and trade Miller for a kings randsom. Start by getting in the top 5 of this years draft. Hodgson could still be a #1 center in this league, but might be better suited as a strong #2 type...but the book is still out on him, and I'm not writing him off at all.

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I would agree that the Sabres have been a one line team. Guys such as Vanek, Pominville, Hodgson, and Miller have been steady, but one player who seems to be lost now and I have been surprised when watching him (when I watch them play the Leafs) is Tyler Myers. He is turning the puck over a lot he isn't being the offensive dinomo he can be and he seems fairly slow (which comes with his big size).

Now one thing I think could be done, and I don't think it is the biggest reason for their poor play, is bring in a new coach. Ruff has been a decent coach, but what worries me for the Sabres is that he has been with the team for years and they haven't done anything exceptional besides making it to the cup final in '97. Coaches in this league get fired all the time for a lot less, Ruff has become a favourite among the players and fans alike but I think maybe a new face behind the bench might bring a spark to the Sabres lineup.

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I think it's a pretty simple fix. Sabres need a change in direction, they have a few players they can sell high on now. One player for example is Jason Pominville. Don't get me wrong I'm a big supporter of Pommer, but his trade value is very high in a season going nowhere. He has one year left on his deal and would show a change in course. Also Ruff needs to go, not a bad coach but 15 years of 0 championships is enough. Regier needs to maximize his assets now and not let the chance fly by like with Stafford a few years ago.

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