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National Media are clueless


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Did anyone happen to catch NBC Sports' Pregame session last night prior to the Flyers/Pens contest? NBCS' anchor Liam McHugh & TSN's Bob McKenzie spoke of Philadelphia fans cheering Mario Lemieux at the Spectrum when Mario returned to the ice after chemotherapy.

"When I think Flyers and Penguins, that's the moment I think of," said McKenzie.

Liam then finishes off that segment by saying, "Philadelphia fans; they booed Santa Claus, cheered for Mario Lemieux."

Just another pathetic national media degenerate digging up an overblown moment that happened over 50 goddamn years ago (1968), that had NOTHING to do with Flyers hockey. Nothing.

If you're on Twitter, you can find Liam at @liam_mchugh. I already sent him a tweet (two, actually) asking why he felt it necessary to even say what he did. Note: I kept it respectful; no f-bombs or insults.

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Liam McHugh is an idiot.

"We" "booed Santa" FORTY FIVE YEARS AGO and almost a decade before li'l Liam was even born.

I was at the last Lemieux game at the Big Bank Building and Flyers fans gave him a huge ovation and he skated around the rink thanking us.

Flyer fans - for the most part - are very respectful of great players (witness the ovation for Gordie Howe at Mark's number retirement) and other fans. I wouldn't tell anyone to wear opposing colors at the Link for the Eagles, for example, while I have seen Flyer fans REPORT THEIR OWN to security for being a jackhole to opposing fans and then the WHOLE SECTION applauded.

When I hear axioms like "Chicago fans attack coaches" or "LA fans attempt to murder opponents' fans" or "Canadian fans riot when they don''t win" I'll take the "Philly fans boo Santa" schtick a little easier.

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