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Does Hall deserve a suspension for the Clutterbuck hit?


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He just got a 2 game ban for this one...another one of the does he deserve it or not situations. At first glance I thought his knee just kinda got in the way, but when they showed the last angle, the one where he lined him up for seven or eight strides makes me wonder...don't know if there was intent to injure, but he must have knew that he was putting Clutterbuck in a dangerous spot, had a chance to do it differently and chose not to. I woulda been ok with a one game ban, but 2 is not outrageous.


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Yes, I think it is appropriate ,Hall was lining him up and could have lessened the impact and didn't , the puck was gone for a 2 count. I don't care about "no priors ". That's a potential career ending / altering injury. I hate to see those kind of plays far more than the head shots.


Good stuff right there. Spit cereal on my iPad from laughter.

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