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Jaybo anybody?

Guest Jmdodgesrt4

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I never thought I would post this but what about jaybo from Calgary ? I'm not sure about the salary cap hit but with the new cba Calgary can eat 35 percent of the salary in a trade. Is he worth a young dman now like maybe Gus and another prospect like Harry z or mcginn?

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@doom88 I agree, we could actually use his skill set, lugging the puck etc, but not at anywhere near that price/cap hit. I'm against trying to trade any asset to improve this club, let them sink or swim on their own, and assess over the summer/draft.....AND yeah, WAY overrated. In today's market, he's worth 4.5 tops, so the 7 was a BRUTAL overpayment a few years ago. This contract will always look bad, no matter how much the cap goes up.

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If the CBA makes it so he only costs 4.5 million? I'll take him in a heartbeat.

That makes him like a #3 or #4 guy. he's a pretty damn good #4. I do it because we still need a D man with some size who can hit and do some dirty work. He's a left hand shot, but with Timmo all but announcing his retirement after next season we'll need any hand shot we can get.

as a 7 million dollar man? No.

as a 4.5 million dollar man? You friggin bet!

No thanks... guy is making almost $7 mil a year, no way to fit him in unless some significant salary is going back the other way.

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