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They start shooting and amazingly score...


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What a crazy concept!!! Who woulda thunkit?

You watch the first 10 minutes of the Jets game and they are being out shot 11-1, and you'd think the Jets were completely out playing the Flyers. But if you look closer, you'd see the Flyers continue to pass up shot opportunities in order to try and make the PERFECT pass. Only problem is that the Flyers over the past 2 decades have probably been the WORST passing team in the league. They stink at passing yet that's all they try to do. These guys have absolutely no touch on their passes. They are like a bunch of McNabb's on skates. They blast the puck to a teammate who is 5 feet away, and try soft touch passes to teammates across the ice with two defenders between them...

Then after the Simmonds pass they decide to start throwing the puck on net and actually making the opposing goalie work and surprisingly they look 100x better. And then Schenn scores on a "garbage" goal. A puck thrown on net when the chance arose. The goalie can't handle it initially and then Briere keeps poking and then Schenn slams it into the back of the net after it squeezes through.


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