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Pens at Panthers

Guest Polaris922

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Yeah, I was watching the second period. I can't believe the call on the cross check by Adams on Kopecky.

The Panthers build up a 3 goal lead and blow it.

Kopecky got 4:00 for getting cross checked. Amazing. What's next? Missing guys who are 3' offsides?

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Panthers have 6 guys in the line up that have spent time in San Antonio this year.

Strachan, Roback, Shore, and Timmins all started the season down here and were called up. They also have a guy in IR (Caruso) that started down here got called up and broke his wrist.

Santorelli & Gudbranson were sent down then called back up this year, also.

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Wow, another game of a constant parade of players to the box. Poor Vokoun, he must be wondering if there is anyone in the organization that has an NHL rulebook that the boys can share to see what NOT to do.

From the start, TK finishes a check on an icing call, really? You mean with all that noise from the crowd(sarcasm intended) he could not hear the linesman yelling ICE ICE ICE! Was even clear on the TV broadcast.

All they had to do is play the game 5 v 5. Bylsma needs to start instuting fines if you have a restraining foul, The number of times we're putting ourselves open for hooking/holding fouls is amazing, which just puts the odd trip and high stick in play also. Keep the stick on the ice and don't play the lazy game.

Sigh. On a side note, I like the way that the Kunitz-Crosby-Neal line is playing. If Sid had Neal as a wing for the complete season, Neal's even strength goals would go way up.

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