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Winning is fun

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The Sabres have won their 3rd straight game with a 4-3 win over the New Jersey Devil in a shootout. The Sabres have a winning streak!!! for the first time all year the Sabres have won 3 in a row it was a rough start under interm head coach Ron Rolston and many wondered if coaching was actually the problem in Buffalo as the Sabres fell 3-1 to the leafs and than 4-0 to the Islanders but the Sabres bounced wining in Florida and Tampa Bay. This game saw Hecht yes HECHT! score on a nifty backhander and Pominville notched 2 goals. In the last 3 games the Sabres scoring seems to have spread around the roster a little bit getting goals from Hodgson, Myers, Gerbe(2 against Florida), and Ennis. The mood should deffiently be a little happier in the room nowa days with the team winning. Sabres fans hoping Vanek returns back to the lineup when the Sabres take on the the New York Rangers and their newly reunited doom line of Nash-Richards-Gaborik on the road Sunday night at the Garden, if the Sabres can win this and push the streak to 4 this team may have regained the confidence it needs to at least dig themselves out of the 14th place hole they dug with 26 games to go.

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