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Season Ticket Holder Q&A with Holmgren and Laviolette

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I guess the Ticket Holder Q &A was March 11th, usually a couple of members here have a report, but I found these comments made in a blog on BSH.

  • Rinaldo's 10 minute misconduct last night was for chirping at theSabres' bench. A Sabres player had already been given the same penalty for the same thing earlier in the game.
  • Laviolette's most surprising player this year? Luke Schenn. He's been very impressed with his play.
  • Holmgren says he will not trade any of the core members of the team to try and win this season. Specifically, Couturier and Brayden Schenn were mentioned and Holmgren gave an outright "no". Danny Briere? He skirted the question, talking about things like his no trade clause. The NTC hasn't stopped Holmgren in the past, though.
  • The glue that holds the team together in the locker room? Scott Hartnell. Also mentioned as talkers in the locker room, Giroux and Talbot.
  • Holmgren has no intentions of firing Laviolette. What's he supposed to say when the guy is sitting right next to him? Dumb question.
  • Flyers fans aren't happy with the referees and all the penalty calls. Wait, we already knew that.
  • Laviolette "got fired" from his assistant coaching job with the Bruinswhen he was interviewing to be their head coach because their owner (or GM?) did not agree with his defensive zone philosophy of collapsing in front of the goal. (After not getting the head coaching job, he left for NYI to be their head coach.)
  • Will Holmgren use the amnesty clause to buy someone out this summer? No real answer given. To me, that's a big maybe. However, he thinks the salary cap won't drop as much next year as had been initially projected.
  • To Holmgren, "How surprised were you and what did you break when you found out that Nashville matched the offer to Shea Weber?" He was at the 4th tee at Aronimink Golf Club and he was very disappointed. He thought they structured the contract in a way that would make Nashville think twice about matching it.

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Did someone call my name? :-) You are correct @doom88.

FYI This was not the big townhall meeting we usually have as I would have gotten an e-mail and snail mail about it. This was an early bird renewal event for those of us suckers who plunk down the deposit for the next year early. Over the summer they let the early birds pick an event of their choice as a bonus gift. I did not pick this event this year as I have done Lavy events in the past (which are great fun BTW)This year I did a VIP party at XFINITY LIVE to watch a Flyers away game as I had never been in there before. They gave us all good food and free booze in a VIP area and we got to hang with The Hound and the Fridge, plus we got to see them beat the Jets that night.

If we have a full townhall this year I will let you know. (They did not have it last year as they could not coordinate the timing when the people and the building were free). I asked and was told they are going to try hard to have it this year but we shall see.

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