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team partying?

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it's like every game they play like they dont want to win, but when it comes to getting yelled at by gm or whoever they'll play one good game and the next they will just tank and not care, i have been hearing about richards and carter partying a couple of years ago, i mean is it possible that this team doesnt play right because of partying too much?

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I don't think partying is an issue. The way the team is playing, fans would be all over them if they were out at a club partying. "Hey Yo, you guys reallly suck."

It is also a proven fact that chicks do not like to sleep with hockey players from non-playoff teams.

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Is this post a joke?

Things have gotten so bad that we are now digging for partying rumors, Cooter has substance abuse issues and lavy is going to get fired BC he wants to be released?

Seriously? This team just sucks... the defense is putrid and would maybe fair decently in the AHL. The offense is built around hope....

Sorry for venting but some of the stuff written around these parts is a bit overboard. How about they just suck?

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AHA! The partying begins.... Costa Rica crew OUT; AC crew IN!


There's some pretty choice pictures in there. Seriously, how annoyed must COoter have been??? "Dude, I'm just here to take a leak... do I really need to take a picture with you in the loo??" But Cooter would never say loo. He wouldn't say Cooter either.

ANd Briere... man, he looks like a goth kid who forgot to put on his pale face... ;)

Edit: BTW, lest someone's sarcasm meter be broken, I found that link on another site, and am reposting it in good fun. I don't really care what they do off the ice.

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I think Pablo Escobar and his cocaine empire fueled much of the 1983–84, 1984–85, 1986–87, 1987–88 and 1989–90, Oilers cups runs. So to me, partying is a lame duck excuse that left when Paul shipped out the old Center City crew.

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